3 Semi-Healthy, Super Easy Crockpot Recipes


Y’all, I am no cook. I have no lies to tell. I’m that girl that brings the store-made desserts on my own platters. I’m the girl that searches Pinterest for phrases like “5 ingredients”, “Easy”, etc. (I’m still looking for the category that reads “a toddler could make this”…) For the first several years of …

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Last Minute Gift Guide | Her


There are two things I think about when I see a women’s gift guide. “Ooooh! That would be great for _______________.” “Ooooh! I want that too!” So here is the gift guide for “her”. Your mama, sister, girlfriend, wife, babysitter, teacher, sister-in-law… They’ll all be loving you. You’re welcome! DIFF + JESSIE JAMES DECKER DASH …

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