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Mama loves a good date night, but the reality is I just don’t like to leave my baby boy. Another reality is that Shep has started to be a handful in a restaurant (I mean, why do we even buy toys when we could just buy napkins or anything else on a table?) So take-out might be looking really good for us this Valentine’s Day. (Not to mention Shep has become a stage-5 clinger… And I don’t hate it!)

Girls, if you’re like me, you may have found that after marriage (as long or as new as your’s might be) … you forget. You forget what it was like to get ready for dates with your man. You forget how you were so worried about looking your absolute best before he saw you. Marriage can bring out the ugly in more ways than one (and today, I’m talking Saturday morning, 3:00 PM, and you still haven’t brushed your teeth, ugly).

So even though you might not be going out, it’s still fun to get done-up for your man… and for yourself! Don’t you feel good when you know you look good? So grab a new top (this one is from Target and under $30), fluff your hair, and put some color on your lips (as my Mama would say). Now go have fun with your man (and maybe your babies, too)!

images via Grace Rachel Photography

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