Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and I couldn’t be more excited. I love the pink, the flowers, and I really really love the sweets! What does your Valentine’s Day look like? My idea of a perfect Valentine’s is a date night with my hubby with a big ol’ steak, an even bigger glass of wine, and a nice yummy dessert.

blouse | jeans | boots

But if you’re like me, that steak won’t come from fancy Ruth’s Chris. It’ll come from Longhorn or my favorite little locally owned restaurant in on Main Street. Our date nights are casual, and that’s how I like them. So I wanted to share this adorable little top I found at none other… Target! The price point is the best (it’s on clearance for under $20) and this color will work so well on most any skin tone (and isn’t it so festive?)

If date night out is where you will be, grab this blouse (grab the boots on clearance, while you’re at it), pick a gift for your hubby (don’t forget my gift guide), and get ready for a night on the town! Enjoy!

Now I know that everyone doesn’t go out with their hottie husband for a good ol’ wine and dine for v-day. Maybe you don’t have a husband, maybe you just don’t have a sitter, or maybe you’ve sworn off all men. Well have no fear, even though this mama loves a good date night, I will have outfit and celebration ideas for every girl! Stay tuned this week for more ideas on how to spend your V-Day. Talk to y’all soon!

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