A friend and I were talking about kids and their milestones the other day. Shep has hit all the milestones necessary, but every time just a little later than most babies do. Shep is healthy, and happy, and great in all aspects (super great in this biased-Mama’s eyes). But so many times I find myself fogged from this truth, actually, lots of truths, because of comparison.

We compare everything. We compare our homes, our waistlines, our children, our cars, our bank accounts, our lawns. You name it, we compare it from one time to another. I would even go as far to say that comparison is the number one kill-joy in most people’s lives today. Social media, Pinterest, Instagram, the absolute worst places to fall prey to the lies that we aren’t “enough”, our shelter isn’t “enough”, our kids even… aren’t “enough”.

So today, I’m here to tell you spread some truth. (Get ready, she’s about to get preachy.)

Mama, I know you’re tired and you’re doing so good. You’ll get through this, and wish you could do it all over again, but you can’t. Enjoy the days, and try to enjoy the nights. Enjoy the giggles. Enjoy the snuggles. Enjoy the baby feet and the cute little clothes. Enjoy the bedtime stories, and try not to rush. They’ll only be that little for a little while, and the years are short. You are enough.

Sister, you’re beautiful. Take care of yourself: mind, body, and soul. Feed your heart with Jesus’ sweet promises of life and life abundant. Breathe in the good promises he has for you, and exhale the stress of the now. Think about how far you have come. (Look at your middle school pictures, and it won’t be too hard! Ha!) You are enough.

Newlywed, it’s hard. I know! Is it not all that you dreamed of? It wasn’t for us either, at first. We put all of our eggs into a basket that counterfeit glory built. Don’t let your spouse be your end all. Love them selflessly, but remember that Christ is where your hope is found. It will be so freeing, to the both of you, when you realize you don’t have to be it all! Y’all, we’re all works in progress. But right now, you are enough.

My challenge to you is that you will be real. Yes, it’s fun to post the beautiful and the happy moments, but remember to be transparent. Remember that when you’re scrolling, Christ loves us just the same whether we have 6 or 60K followers. Remember that there is always going to be someone skinnier, richer, smarter, and that’s okay! Wouldn’t it be a boring world if we were all the same?

You are enough.


  1. I am more than proud of you and this blog. You are expressing great wisdom at such a young age! I’m so glad God blessed me with such an awesome daughter.

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