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Can you believe the first month of the new year has pretty much come and gone? This month has been so great for my family and I. We have started eating like we should (not to say we haven’t been through the McDonald’s a couple of times), we have had lots of snow days and time to snuggle extra, and we have begun to plan Shep’s first birthday… WHAT?

sherpa coverall | similar beanie

Speaking of Shep, January has been such a big month for him! He has experienced his first snow, he started sleeping through the night again (PTL!), and he’s also started crawling! While I’m so excited that he is getting so strong and big, it makes my Mama heart really sad, too! So many “firsts” are coming and going and with his birthday coming so soon, I can’t help but want to hold my baby just a little longer at bed-time. I’m not ready for his first year of life to leave us.

So Mamas, I want to know what you’re favorite memories, or things you have done with your kids, from their first year. Do you have any advice for us as we start to plan his birthday party? Are there things we need to do that we haven’t done? Let me know in the comments. Meanwhile, I’ll be kissing on my little boy while he’ll still let me.

So my question for you, mamas and non, is what do you do to make sure your using your time on this intentionally with those you love?

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