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Back in March I found a workout/nutrition program that I absolutely love. I had awesome results and I was able to shed the baby weight (and then some!) But like most of us do, I let the holidays get the best of me and I put my health on the back burner. Fast forward to 2018 and your girl was rolling into the New Year (literally…)

graphic tee | mesh leggings | zip jacket

But thanks to cute workout clothes and a best friend’s upcoming wedding, I’m back at it! I have to say, it does feel so good to be working out again and the food in the nutrition plan doesn’t make me feel deprived at all.

Anyway, like I stated before, one of the most inspiring things that can get me off the couch and working out is new workout clothes! You guys met my friend Kaitlyn and her boutique last week. Anyway, while I was shopping for looks to share with you, I found the perfect top that explains exactly how I really feel about fitness.

images via Grace Rachel Photography

These tops are customized for Kaitlyn and a Boutique 31 original. There are so many things I like about it. First, the yellow is absolutely on-trend for spring. Get ready to see yellow everywhere. Second, it’s super comfy and soft. Nobody likes to workout in uncomfortable clothes. I’m all about cute, but also all about comfort. I could wear this shirt all day long. Lastly, I mean come on… It’s got a taco on it.

Another thing that gets me motivated is some awesome music! There are so many new albums that I am loving and I wanted to share some songs I have on my playlist at the moment. Put on your cutest workout wear, download these songs, and do something for yourself girl! (Even if you don’t make it to the gym, at least you’ll look like you did!)

5 thoughts on “Workout Wear + What I’m Listening To”

  1. Love the shirt! That is too funny. And I love your workout list. THUNDER! I cannot get that song out of my head.. you have lots of great picks. I have to get into a workout routine, I am behind on getting the ball rolling.

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