3 Semi-Healthy, Super Easy Crockpot Recipes


Y’all, I am no cook. I have no lies to tell. I’m that girl that brings the store-made desserts on my own platters. I’m the girl that searches Pinterest for phrases like “5 ingredients”, “Easy”, etc. (I’m still looking for the category that reads “a toddler could make this”…)

For the first several years of our marriage, I was cooking up a big ol’ plate of Taco Bell, McDonald’s, and any other fast food we deemed dinner for the night. But after having Shep last March (and putting on gobs of weight), I found myself really take an interest in cooking more. I was looking to become more healthy minded, lose weight, save money, blah blah blah. So I did the meal prepping. I did the cooking classes. I tried new recipes. I did pretty darn well.

I still don’t consider myself a great cook, and your 5 year old could probably put together the dishes I have deemed myself “good” at creating, but hey, it’s the thought (and attempt) that counts… Right?

Anyway, today I thought I would share 3 of my favorite super simple, semi-healthy recipes that work in the crock-pot. Any mom would agree that the crock-pot is one of the best inventions, like ever. So here are three ways I’ve been using it on repeat. These meals are husband approved, wallet friendly, and work really well into my eating plan (when I’m being pretty good, that is. I’m a work in progress.)

*Side note: now like I said before, I’m no Martha Stewart. All of the recipes that I am listing were once upon a time found on Pinterest. I have added my spin on them or left them pretty much the same (it’s safer that way).

original recipe


original recipe


 original recipe


Comment down below some of your simple crockpot recipes that you love. I’m always on the hunt for healthy recipes that can have dinner on the table in a dash!